Karl Lagerfeld Brings Le Corbusier’s Unique Design Element to Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2014 – ‘Togue in Chic’ Indeed!

When 80’s rock meets 18th century inspired looks, the results are nothing short of divine.
Throw Karl Lagerfeld into the mix, and you’ll find yourself immersed in his sensational Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2014 collection.
Inspired by photos of architect Le Corbusier’s former Parisian apartment, Lagerfeld encapsulated the structured geometry of Corbusier’s clean, urban designs and brought them to life on the runway. At either end of the catwalk sat oversized baroque fireplaces, each fully equipped with digital flames and topped with a large, ornate mirror.
Stark and minimalistic in comparison to the extravagant Chanel supermarket, Chanel Mediterranean forest, and Chanel undersea from recent prêt-à-porter runway shows, the bare backdrop of a white concrete wall and soft blue sky created an intimacy within which to focus on the exquisite pieces and surely, they were dazzling.
Pieces reflected a Corbusier influence by featuring concrete – yes, concrete! – a staple in Corbusier’s oeuvre. If ever a man could turn concrete into Haute Couture, Karl Lagerfeld is him. In small, smooth squares and shapes, the element added a unique dimension to rich textures and fell into a variety of pieces as a subtle embroidery.
Models donned soft, spiked quiffs and strutted with ease in flats and chic thong flip-flops, rather than the standard heel, to complement the structured aesthetic of the collection. Stiffly tailored jackets paired with cyclist shorts created a cool, contemporary vibe.
Chanel’s signatures came to life as quilting became reimagined and reworked through a number of ensembles, and shimmering tiered tweed wove ribbon, plastic filaments, woolen fabrics, and feathers together into one-of-a-kind textures. A rather urbane silhouette prevailed through the entirety of the collection, with wide set skirts on gowns as well as fit-and-flare coats and jackets.
Many pieces were clean with subtle embellishment while others boasted overtly grand opulence. A highlight of the collection was an off the shoulder powder blue floor length gown, underscored by tulle and overlaid by a flurry of feathers. Key showstoppers were a parade of white, stiff straight gowns, which were covered in gold detailing and brought the evening to a beautiful, pristine close.
Ce fut un tour de force et une réflexion du génie de Karl Lagerfeld.
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