Karl Lagerfeld’s New “Mini-Me” — Mattel’s “Barbie Lagerfeld” Sports Haute Style

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It’s not enough that he is the most renowned, iconic designer in the world—creating storied collections for ne plus ultra–Chanel, as well as for Fendi and for his own Karl Lagerfeld brand, a world-renowned photographer and filmmaker, aesthete, auteur and engaging raconteur, now Karl Lagerfeld has lent his name—and his haute fashion look—to Barbie.

American toy company Mattel has created a new Barbie Lagerfeld doll that will be released in limited edition this fall.

The doll, dressed a la Lagerfeld, sports the designer’s trademark, pulled-back ponytail, tailored black jacket, a white high-collared men’s shirt, a black satin tie, and black fitted jeans, all of which can be seen in the original sketch for the doll, drawn by Lagerfeld himself.

Not only is Barbie arrayed in this ever-so-chic outfit, she’s also attired in “Lagerfeld-esque” accessories, including black fingerless gloves, black ankle boots, and a black silver purse with metallic accents.

“Working with Karl Lagerfeld for this creative collaboration has been an incredible honor,” said Kim Culmone, vice president of Global Barbie Product Design. “It’s not everyday that Barbie dresses like the world’s most famous fashion designer.

The Barbie Lagerfeld doll will be released under the Barbie Collection label this fall just in time to celebrate Barbie’s 55th birthday.  Additional details on the Lagerfeld doll and its retail information will be released at a later date.


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