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Victoria Beckham’s Closet Can Be Yours


Want a rock star closet? One of our favourite fashion icons–stellar designer and certainly one of the best-dressed women in the world–is clearing out chic clothes from her closet for charity–and you can get a piece of the action. Victoria Beckham is selling more than 600 items from her personal wardrobe on–with a percentage [...]

Girl-Talk with Rene Russo – A Lives of Style Exclusive Dialogue

Russo, Moustirats, Laurence

Rene Russo talked exclusively with Lives of Style at The WAS Foundation’s Red Party Gala & Auction. Lives of Style‘s host Elisabeth Laurence sat down with Rene Russo at the WAS Foundation Red Party Gala & Auction last Friday for some good old-fashioned “girl talk,” and the two discussed their mutual “passion for giving,” at [...]

Justin Bieber’s New Women’s Perfume–”Someday”–”Drops” in Stores in June

Justin Bieber

“Never Say Never” is more than a motto for Justin Bieber. Bieber, mini-music icon and international-tween star, has developed a new women’s perfume called “Someday” that will be released in June. The scent is a fruity concoction, created by Honorie Blanc of Firmenich, and carefully crafted by “The Biebs.” He wanted to choose a scent [...]

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