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Givenchy Shows Spring 2016 Collection in New York

givenchy 13_MON1245

In homage to 9/11 Givenchy held it’s spring 2016 collection in New York City–in lower Manhattan–with the twin beams of light streaming up from the Freedom Tower in view, and with Ava Maria resounding over loudspeakers to the crowd at the closing of the collection. It was a statement that fashion is an expression of [...]

Project Runway’s 9th Season – Tim Gunn’s No-Holds Barred Gibes

As Project Runway begins it’s 9th season, host-supermodel Heidi Klum, famed fashion designer Michael Kors and Marie-Claire Fashion Director Nina Garcia are joined as always with Project Runway’s Designer Mentor Tim Gunn. The imperturbable Gunn, with wry mien, mellifluous voice and calm demeanor–has another side, a “tell it like he sees it” observer of the [...]

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