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Louis Vuitton ARTXFASH

Viva Glam Magazine 2

Louis Vuitton is admixing fine art and cool fashion in collaboration with artist Jeff Koons. The partnership–resulting in the new 51 piece Louis Vuitton “Masters” accessories line, reportedly was orchestrated by Delphine Arnault, daughter of LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, and features iconic art–such as the Mona Lisa, or works by Titian and Fragonard, the handbags. [...]

Life Imitates Art as Robert De Niro Gets Honored at New York Academy of Art’s 2012 Tribeca Ball

Robert DeNiro

He’s played everything from a menacing mobster to an affable “Focker” in “Meet the Parents,” and at the New York Academy of Art’s 2012 Tribeca Ball on April 16th, famed actor Robert De Niro was honored for his impressive acting career. De Niro arrived late enough to avoid the press, accompanied by his wife, Grace [...]

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