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Weekly Fashion and Beauty Tips


Makeup Monday… A common occurrence on the runway this season included glitter, glitter, and more glitter. Sparking eyeshadow and even glittery brows made an appearance in shows from Tommy Hilfiger to Giambattista Valli. Glitter was strategically used as a brow bone highlighter and also as a way to perk up the traditional smokey-eye. All we [...]

New York Fashion Week — Why We Love Tommy Hilfiger


Famous for Americana branding, known for polo and rugby shirts, helmed by an iconic designer who is revered for his talent and loved for his peppy upbeat persona, Tommy Hilfiger is one label that continually produces applause-worthy collections. Tommy Hilfiger is not only a fashion luminary, but also a brilliant entrepreneur and a true testament [...]

Looking Hot in the Sun – How to Tie Your Summer Scarves

It may be hot out, but scarves have proven to be a coveted fashion accessory, even during the summer. In fact, light scarves can actually help keep you cool in the heat, whether it’s at the beach, the park… or even downtown. Here are some ways to style your summer scarves and your favorite celebrities [...]

Look Like a Celebrity on Your Wedding Day – Hairstyles with Star Power

Wedding Updo

The old saw says that summer is the season of love…and weddings abound during these halcyon, sunny months. Imagine you’re the bride…you have the location, gown, and ring, but what about the hairstyle for your big day? Choosing the best hairstyle for you depends upon your own personal preference and the casual or formal atmosphere [...]

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