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Polo Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren Gets 4D


Surrounded by adoring fans, Ralph Lauren celebrated two major milestones as he unveiled his Spring/Summer 2015 Polo Ralph Lauren women’s collection in a spectacular 4D show at New York Fashion Week. Paying homage to New York City, Lauren showcased Polo in one of the city’s most celebrated landmarks—Central Park and it’s iconic lake. The show [...]

New York Fashion Week – Why We Love Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Designer Ralph Lauren is the epitome of the American Dream. As a child growing up in 1950s America, Lauren lived in a world of technicolor, rock ‘n’ roll and iconic Hollywood glamour.  It’s no wonder his eponymous clothing line champions that nostalgic lifestyle. “My life has been a dream,” said Lauren to Harpers Bazaar in [...]

Ralph Lauren Hits Us With The One-Two Punch At NYFW!


Ralph Lauren proved to us once again that he is a man of many shades at New York Fashion Week. The designer’s collection featured two totally different aesthetics, showcasing his Polo collection for women as well as The Ralph Lauren Collection. The Polo collection was funky, modern, and trendy. It played with a lot of [...]

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