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What’s Cool About Rachel Zoe


Don’t let her blonde locks and angel-face fool you – Rachel Zoe is a fierce woman who embodies drive and ambition. She went from being one of Hollywood’s most powerful stylists to creating a full-fledge fashion line that is all her own. At the young age of 25, she began freelance styling out of a [...]

Style Star and Lives of Style Friend Ken Downing—Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, Takes Center Stage at 33rd San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary Fashion Show


Fashionistas take note: Neiman Marcus Senior Vice President and Fashion Director curates a not-to-be-missed runway show and highlights the ultimate fashion event from 11-3 this Thursday, 3 April at the Fairmont Hotel. Downing, who has been interviewed multiple times by Lives of Style, is the ultimate fashion insider—called a “guru of gurus” of style, prognosticating [...]

Rachel Zoe’s Newborn Inspires A Children’s Line

Rachel Zoe, Roger Berman, and Skyler

Rachel Zoe — reality TV star, celebrity stylist, fashion designer — and now mother to her four-month old baby boy, Skyler, has another nascent creation–her children’s collection. Zoe had a segment in the “Mommywood” special on ABC’s Nightline in which she took viewers on a tour of her pride and joy’s walk-in closet. Skyler Morrison [...]

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