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Precision Pieces in Ralph Rucci’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


Ralph Rucci is unique in the fashion world. Not only is Rucci a consummate fashion designer, talented painter and multifaceted artist, he is a precise craftsman and a true original. The only American designer invited by theParis Couture Syndicate to show his runway collection during Paris couture week , Rucci works at the highest level [...]

New York Fashion Week — Why We Love Ralph Rucci

Ralph Rucci

Ralph Rucci is a maestro, a designer par excellence whose canvas is the imagination, whose palate is a universe of colours, textures and designs, and whose audience is… the world. We have known Ralph Rucci for six years—through our dear friend, San Francisco socialite and Best Dressed Hall of Famer Denise Hale. And we share [...]

Get Sophisticated With Ralph Rucci’s Fall Winter 2014 Collection


Ralph Rucci brought a much smaller and streamlined fall winter 2014 collection to New York Fashion Week this season. The designer strayed away from overt drama and kept his looks simple and refined. Rucci avoided an overabundance of vibrant patterns and stuck with a cleaner palette. Black was the beating heart of the designs, but [...]

Trends for Spring: Fashion tips, makeup and hair trends

Louis Vuitton

Take a look at what’s hot this spring season as we show you the top looks coming from straight off the runway. Fashion This season it’s all about bold patterns and contrasting colors and shapes. While more masculine shapes are shown in structured suits and dresses, feminine touches are ever so apparent in floral and [...]

The Genius in the Man – The Man of Genius

Picture 47

Once in a generation-a fashion designer reveals himself to possess the unique DNA of a higher order. Emerging from a pool of creatives–many of them brilliant–many of them talented–this designer rises as transcendent, entering a realm that is beyond and above the fray. Into rarified air he soars beyond the multiplicity of the many, into [...]

Why You Won’t See One-of-a-Kind Haute Couture during NYC’s Fashion Week

Ralph Rucci 2012 Couture

One may see an haute couture gown during such fashion bonazas as the recent Golden Globes or the coming Academy Awards, yet it is a rare few designers who construct actual couture gowns. Many dresses at these celebrity events may be gorgeously crafted with luxurious fabrics, yet they do not qualify to the rigid standards [...]

Rucci Rivets Enthusiasts at Fashion Walk of Fame Ceremony


Down to earth, darling and daringly talented, humble designer Ralph Rucci is a man of few words but when he speaks, it is with wisdom or humor. When he was recognized as the newest addition to the Fashion Walk of Fame, he informed the crowd about the advice Vivian Van Natta had given him the [...]

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